Thursday, January 06, 2011

More from Philly ’62

In anticipation of this Sunday’s playoff game, we’re here to present a few more photos of the Packers and Eagles in November 1962. Above, a shot of the Green Bay sideline, fairly early in the game, judging by the cleanliness of the uniforms. Some the visible players are: Forrest Gregg (#75), Bob Skoronski (#76), Lew Carpenter (#33), and Bart Starr (#15).

Starr (#15) again behind Jim Ringo at center, before the start of another play.

After the snap, Starr looks for his ball carrier to complete the hand-off.

We’re not sure here, but it looks like a fumble and Jim Taylor (#31) has his eyes on the situation.

Ron Kramer (#88) is off on the snap of the ball to make his way through the Philadelphia secondary.


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