Monday, October 25, 2010

Taking On the Lions in 1974

After a fine, redemptive victory over Brett Favre and his Minnesota Vikings last night, we look back to 1974 and the last year of head coach Dan Devine’s administration in Green Bay. This post features items from the September 29, 1974 game program — which had the Lions taking on the Packers in Milwaukee’s County Stadium.

This article tells of Devine’s quest to bring a championship back to Green Bay in 1974.

Here’s your roster for the 1974 Green Bay Packers.

Follow along during the season with this entire league schedule.

We like these classic 1970’s-style illustrations that accompanied an article on the changing kicking rules in ’74.

We’ve got to get Mom to buy some Quik® so we can get a couple official team pennants!

Look through these pages and see how many of these players you remember — or haven’t thought about for 30+ years.

Lastly, these several pages of game action photos are from the last few preseason games (they played six that year!).

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