Thursday, September 09, 2010

Unpleasant Memories

We’re taking a trip back to the mid-1980’s today, when the Packers were not exactly the toast of the N.F.L. This is from CBS’s coverage of the Green Bay-Chicago games in Lambeau Field on November 23, 1986, and the game in Chicago of that year. The Bears were coming off their first league title since 1963, and frankly, the Packers weren’t going anywhere. This game also marked the low (or high, depending on how you view the rivalry) point of dirty play in their long history of competition.

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Anonymous said...

November 23, 1986 is when this happened. This was the year after the Bears won the Super Bowl and probably the main reason why they were never able to win another one.
This Bears team might have actually been better than the Super Bowl champion team, but this play is probably the reason we will never no that.