Sunday, April 18, 2010

1940’s Field Goal

We travel further back in time today... twenty years more than we’ve been visiting lately. We find ourselves at old City Stadium behind East High School on Green Bay’s east side in the 1940’s. The Packers’ opponents have driven down the field, but have been held short of the goal line, necessitating the kicking of a field goal. We don’t know the date, opponent, or result, but we do find it a bit odd that the official closest to us has already signaled a successful kick before the ball has neared the goal posts. Perhaps there was a rule used in those days that we’re not aware of sixty-plus years later. Anyway, we hope the Packers won on this day.


Chance Michaels said...

I love this photo - can't tell you exactly when it was taken, but the other team is definitely the Bears.

We might be able to get a rough date from the Packers' classic Lambeau-era uniforms. The Packers wore striped socks early with that uniform, then no socks at all, then the solid blues of that picture.

I don't have the exact dates on that (some players wore old socks, and not all gave up the bare-leg look at the same time), but I suspect the photo dates to the mid-1940s.

Hope this helps!

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