Wednesday, October 22, 2008

John Brockington in a Frozen Met Stadium

Today we see Packers’ running back John Brockington (#42) about to collide with or elude the Vikings’ Paul Krause during a frozen game on December 10, 1972. The Packers beat Minnesota that day, 23-7, in front of 49,784 frigid fans in Metropolitan Stadium — where the “Mall of America” now stands. In zero degree temperatures, with a nine-mile-per-hour wind making it feel like minus-eighteen, Green Bay clinched the Division title for the first time since 1967.


Dan Heilman said...

He was about to collide with Krause, and Krause was carried from the field unconscious as a result. :)

Mark Heuring said...

So glad to see that this blog is back! You find the coolest stuff.

Dave Goranson said...

One of my favorite Packer memories was that game. '72 was so great, no one expected the 10-4 record. And capping it by beating the 'Vikes at the Met 23-7 (after being down at half 7-0) was the best. Too bad the game itself doesn't exist on film (or radio either) except as an NFL Game of the Week 1/2 hour show. Awesome!!

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