Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Second Quarter Action

As we continue in the “Ice Bowl” second quarter, the Packers — after intercepting the ball — went three-and-out in their series. After they punted, we see quarterback Bart Starr in the “dugout” discussing play-calling with backup QB Zeke Bratkowski (above).

Packers’ coach Vince Lombardi comes over to also discuss the play-calling options (remember, this is when quarterbacks called their own plays in the huddle). Lombardi suggests maybe running “the 52 or 53,” to which Starr replies, “yes sir, yes sir.”

The Dallas offense also has a rough go of things in the mid-second quarter. They find running through the likes of Willie Davis (#87) to be impossible.

Green Bay defensive lineman Lionel Aldridge (#82) also does his part to shut down the Cowboys on this offensive series.

Making the job of the Packers’ defense a little easier was the habit of Cowboys’ receiver Bob Hayes (#22) putting his hands into the belt of his pants on plays where he wasn’t supposed to get the ball. The Green Bay defenders only had to see this to know that they didn’t have to cover him, freeing them to key on other players.