Sunday, January 13, 2008

Packerville’s Short Break

“Packerville” will return shortly, once we get settled and back in the groove after attending the NFC Divisional Playoff game Saturday night at Lambeau Field. We will also be at the NFC Championship game this coming Sunday, so another break will probably happen then as well. But what great reasons for “Packerville” to be on break, huh? Stay tuned for more on the “Ice Bowl” 40th anniversary commemorative feature...


Anonymous said...

I'm a Rams fan, but this season I've been really pulling for you guys. Everyone knows the Packers fans are the best in any sport. This Giants-Packers game with be rich with memories of the early 60s and the transition from smash-up football to Lombardi's scientific offense, which changed football. WOW it will be great!

One issue - the damn idiots at Fox Sports have the game scheduled for after dark, and it's supposed to be COLD. They should play the game during the day, so Vince and Reggie and Curly can watch!

-ross in atl

Mark said...

Love your site! Wonderful stuff and obviously a labor of love!

Best regards,