Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Packerville on Hold

“Packerville” will return when we get over the NFC Championship game loss.


mw said...

As a diehard Giant fan, I experienced a great deal of pleasure watching Eli Manning and the Giants defeat the Packers in the NFC Conference game last Sunday. I can remember how the Packers destroyed the Gaints in 1961 by a score of 37-0 in Green Bay. It was Lombardi's first NFL championship. The Packers were awesome that day. The tore through the vaunted Giant defense, and scored at will. Paul Hornung may still hold the record for the most points scored by a individual player in a championship game. He racked up 19 points, as Green Bay started they fabled run of 5 NFL championships in the 1960's and 2 Superbowls.

The following year the Packers and the Giants met again in Yankee Stadium in New York in what was one of the coldest games ever played, and certainly one of the most brutal. The outcome: Green Bay Packers-16. New York Giants-7. The Giant offense failed to score for the second time in a row. They got their one touchdown in 1962 on a blocked punt that their defense recovered in the Packer endzone. Sports Illustrated got it right when it concluded that the Giants were a very good team that year (12-2) but the Packers (13-1) were simply better, not only in terms of their respective records, but because Green Bay was the better team period. The "Beasts from the East" did not have what it took to defeat the Packers. No one did that decade, except of, Philadelphia in 1960, the first year a Lombardi coached Packer team went to the NFL championship game.

So....having given the great Green Bay Packers of te 1960's their due, I say "Hurrah!" for the New Giants. Revenge at last. What are you people going to do without Brett Favre?

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