Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Max McGee Comes Through

As we get closer to Super Bowl Sunday, here's a classic image from Super Bowl I. Back then, it was known as the "AFL-NFL World Championship Game." 11-year veteran receiver Max McGee came off the bench after an early injury to Boyd Dowler and caught seven passes for 138 yards and two touchdowns — including the first in "Super Bowl" history.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Will He or Won’t He?

The first actual post after our Blog introduction is to address the burning question that is on the minds of Packer fans everywhere. Is Brett Favre going to retire or not?

As of this week, the only thing we’ve heard is from a newspaper story down in Mississippi in which he stated that he was going to talk to Mike McCarthy this past Tuesday. In the famous interview after the Bears’ game New Year’s Eve, he said he’d know “in a couple of weeks.” Well, we’re on Day 28 and counting. I really don’t want it to go on as long as it did last year.

I think he had more reasons to retire last year than he does this year. After the 2005 season, he was coming off a 4-12 year and a new coaching staff was coming in. This year, he proved to most that he still had “it,” he seemed to be having much more fun, and he knows where the personnel department and new coaching staff is headed. The physical skills are still there, but I think it will come down to what his family tells him, and whether or not he wants to go through all of the mental preparation of Mini-Camps, Training Camp, and the regular season. Right now, I think the chances of his return are 50-50. We’ll see...

Packerville, U.S.A. is on the air (or Web, as the case may be)...

It’s time for this Blog to enter the internet world... seven days before our hated rivals — the Chicago Bears — play the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLI. This Blogging thing is new to me (other than reading other Blogs), but I'll pick it up as I go along here. As the subtitle says, this will be a place to celebrate all things Packers-related. Besides the news and notes of the current team, my interests are the team’s history and Packers’ memorabilia, some of which I will share here in the future.

Thanks for checking this Blog out. We’ll see you again soon!