Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tailgating in the Olden Days

Today’s blog image is from the mid-Sixties, showing how tailgating has changed a bit since then. Most noticeable is the attire that folks wear to Packer games. The original caption for this photo reads: “The Packer Picnic Club tailgates before the September 13, 1964, opener against the Chicago Bears. From left, are George and Betsy Yonan of Chicago and Mr. and Mrs. James Kimberly, formerly of Neenah. The club, made up largely of prominent people from Appleton, Neenah and Menasha, had rented tailgating space for 65 cars across from City Stadium since its opening in 1957.”

Source: Green Bay Press-Gazette archives


Anonymous said...

If any of you are frustrated that your cable company isn't offering you NFL Network, it looks like some legislators are joining the cause -

Anonymous said...

I believe that's a Kimberly of the Kimberly-Clarks.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lambeau, Our tailgating magazine would love to print your Packer's historic tailgating photo in our "Final Say" page. Please email me by Monday, January 11, 2013, if you are interested (or if you're not the right person to talk to, please let me know). Thanks.
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