Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Five Days Until NFL Season 2007

Our posting for today is an image of our own Green Bay Packers starting quarterback showing the textbook throwing form that makes coaches around the League use film of his technique for young QB’s to study.

In five days, we get to see what our 2007 team is made of. We’re not sure if anyone — other than those of us who study such things — noticed that the Packers have only two genuine quarterbacks on the 2007 roster so far. Behind Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, the team has receiver Carlyle Holiday listed as the third QB. Holiday is a former Notre Dame quarterback who made the transition to full-time receiver as a fifth-year senior with the Irish. He played in eight games in 2006, four with Arizona and four with Green Bay, making all nine of his catches as a Packer. A final note of trivia: Holiday caught Brett Favre's 4,968th completion, breaking Dan Marino's career NFL record.


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